Sponsors who wish to finance support for the Techbench by WZT project ...

The TechBench by WZT is a non-profit organization found by Windows enthusiasts for quick access to public Microsoft information that distributed by the company across many facilities.
Funding of the TechBench by WZT is mostly from the personal funds of co-founders and donations.
You can to support the TechBench by WZT by choosing convenient for you money transfer service.
Any donation is welcome and highly appreciated.
We collect the funds for paying our hosting fee, cloud-services fees and job of the contracted experts and coders.

ps: people are kind, we're not local, and we're going to be able to help the poor seals cat :))

Creator – adguard
Main Inspirer WZor
(don't even doubt it will be spent ...)
Innovator-auditor Diamond Monday